How To Place an Order

This page guides you through the process of ordering our night lights. In 2024, we'll be introducing light bars once they're ready for sale.

Personalizing your night light is a breeze. You'll find all the design options you need on a single page. Simply select from the choices displayed below the product image on mobile screens or on the right side for PC users.

Start customizing your night light with these simple steps:

  1. Color Selection: Choose the body color of your night light from our elegant gold or silver options.
  2. Feature Customization: Select an additional feature for the inside of the light, tailored to the category you're browsing.
  3. Begin Personalization: To initiate the personalization process, simply click the 'Personalize' button. This action will open a popup window where you can further customize your design.

Simply click on the 'Personalize Night Light' button to open a popup window. Depending on the category you select, you'll be presented with various design options to choose your preferred engraving style.

Explore our diverse collection of designs or feel free to upload a personal favorite. Each choice offers unique customization options, ranging from basic text inputs to more complex design elements for a truly personalized touch, depending on the category you choose.

Enter your desired text into the monogram section to instantly view a live preview of the final design. This preview showcases exactly how your chosen words will be engraved on the night light.

Upload a unique design

For additional information, please refer to the following sections.

If you have a unique design that differs from our ready-to-use options, you can upload it by following these steps. For personalized engraving, we require your design file. We recommend using the *.SVG format, but if you don't have it, you can send us a PDF, JPEG, or PNG file. A 1000x1000 pixel size is ideal for us. Please note that the image must be in black and white and under 1 MB in size.

After the upload process is complete, a new window will open, allowing you to adjust the picture. Click the check mark icon to confirm.

Please note that you should designate black color for the areas you want to illuminate in the dark, as the laser machine will engrave the black portions.

Our team will review the design to ensure the best engraving quality. We'll notify you if there are any issues and may request you to provide an alternative file or format.

Due to the time-consuming nature of this manual process, an additional fee of $20 AUD is applied.

Add to cart

Upon reaching your cart, you'll find a comprehensive summary of your custom night light. Here, you can review all the details and view a preview image. Once you're satisfied, proceed to finalize your order by entering your shipping address and completing the payment for the total price.

Discover unique customization options on the following pages.